In a nut-shell, we’re an eager and enthusiastic bunch of people with a vast amount of alternative and uninterruptable experience in Africa and we believe we are able to solve your problems, effectively, economically, correctly and with the highest standard of efficiency!

Lesatrim (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic start-up company in the uninterruptible power management and alternative backup power supply industry. Our services include the nationwide supply, installation and servicing of a wide variety of local and international brands of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units and inverter systems.  Generator servicing has recently been added to our service portfolio.


At Lesatrim have a team of dedicated specialists, with over 30 years combined experience in the alternative power industry, who understand Africa’s power infrastructure and the rise in demand for clean emergency power, owing to Eskom’s load shedding schedules and power failures.


Due to the expertise and ongoing training of our technical team, Lesatrim is also able to provide onsite evaluations and consulting services on high end alternative power solutions.


Our core company value is to provide world class customer service to our wide variety of clients from major corporates in the commercial and industrial industry, financial sector, IT and telecoms, call centres, to retail groups, medical clinics, rural and residential customers.

We offer professional Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) servicing and repairs including 24/7/365 maintenance service level agreements for all types Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and inverters.

Lesatrim is the company that will lighten your power failure load, keep your business running, help design your electric load planning, keep your practice practising, ensure your on-line banking stays "logged-on", prevent you from missing your televised rugby or soccer game as well as ensure your kids gaming is ongoing, whether you are being “power-failed or load-shedded” by Eskom or phasing-in your “off the grid” system, in order to meet your need for uninterruptible power, prevention of data corruption , computer malfunction, security surveillance impedance or undesired brown-outs and electronic degeneration.

Eugene Van Der Merwe
Managing Director 

Eugene Van Der Merwe, known by many clients and friends as “Gino” has almost two decades of experience in the uninterruptable power industry, having kicked off his career when he began at Meissner 1997 in the sales division at Durban, where he dealt with resellers and IT distributors. He was then appointed by  MGE in 1999  as the Export Manager, where he was one of the pioneers in setting up the African footprint for the French global concern, with his portfolio including single phase and high-end  3 phase UPS applications for the medical, finance, and telecoms industry as well as supplying the South African government finance depts. He worked in close liaison with the French mother company, Schneider Electric having trained commercially technically in France (Montbonnot) on critical applications in and throughout Southern Africa and Sub Sahara. 


In 2004 Eugene was appointed as the MD of Bocal Electronics Africa and grew the company from a fledging cc into a rather sizeable SME, where he introduced the local Tower Electronics UPS product into the local market realising that a robust UPS unit with somewhat wider parameters than the European product was earnestly needed to tackle the harsh African mains utility grid. His knowledge of various uninterruptable power applications as well as the effect of harmonics on critical applications calls for years of experience where he has managed to remedy various types of site problems and for which a few consulting electrical engineers have often sought his advice to deal with such. Although having graduated with a BCom degree in business management and marketing as well as other business related qualifications,  Eugene really enjoys providing uninterruptable power solutions and attending to clients problems and needs.

Hannes Nel (Left)
Technical Director 
with Eugene (Centre) & 
Juan Joubert (Technician) 

Our technical director, Hannes Nel, comes from a background of at least 40 years of experience in the UPS industry, where he has worked & trained on all alternative power applications for many prominent large concerns.


Having started his career as a junior transmissions technician at Eskom when he first finished his high-schooling, he worked his way up from a junior UPS technician position, originally in KZN (Kwa-Zulu Natal) until he was later head-hunted and relocated to Johannesburg in his later uninterruptable power career as a senior UPS engineer.

Over the last two and a half decades, Hannes has worked along side Gino, on and off, at two large Uninterruptable Power companies, where they have both complimented each other from the commercial introduction of specific projects that Gino had brought in, both locally and across the borders, and where Hannes completed these from project managing to the final technical solution provision.

Hannes started his own UPS company, NB2 Power some 12 years ago and has recently amalgamated part of his company/technical works supply with Lesatrim (Pty) Ltd in order to jointly tackle Lesatrim’s increased client base and whereupon he has become our technical director as of August , 2019.